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Nutrition and Life Strategist! 
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Committed to Your Success! 

Nutrition and Life Coaching

It’s time to find that healthier, happier YOU. We will work together to identify and implement tools to complement your current Nutrition and Fitness routine.  I will shower you with positive vibes as you transform your body and mind to unlock your greatest potential.

Inspire Health and Happiness in others

Are you already committed to living a healthy lifestyle and thinking of starting your own business in this industry?  I will share how I grew my business and gained freedom and flexibility to be with my family. Join my mentorship program to create your life by design.

Guiding you on the path to your best self!

Let’s get healthier together! 

Whether you are starting from scratch, adjusting an existing plan, or getting ready for your first nutrition journey, let me help you construct your road map for success and support you along your journey. Based on your goals and challenges and drawing on my years of experience and knowledge, we will customize a routine that fits your schedule. Throughout this process you may see how physical success translates into confidence, improved relationships and even financial gains.

Review Your Health and Needs

Help you select a nutrition and fitness program that aligns with your goals.

Support with Meal Planning and Meal Prepping

Guidance with personal development and journaling

Setting Goals

Properly setting a goal will help you achieve your results faster. I can help you define your goal and create a roadmap to success.

Finding your WHY

Knowing what to do and how to do it can get you started on your way to achieving your goals, but uncovering the WHY behind the goal will keep you committed even on your toughest days.

Better Together

One of the keys to success is your support network. Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contagious.

Turn Your Fitness Into a Business

Imagine working on your own health and fitness and having the opportunity to add to your family’s income at the same time. 

Start your own Business!

I am excited to share with you how to become an entrepreneur.  As a dedicated full time Corporate Project Manager, I was coming home from work exhausted. I was investing so much time and effort at work that I didn’t have enough energy to support my own children the way I wanted to.  I started online mentoring as a means to be available as a mom while contributing to our family income. It was the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. I love that I get to spend more time with my children and show them how to work hard for what you believe in. Let me help you get started too!   

What does a coach do?

As a coach, you start by focusing on your own health and fitness. By sharing your journey you will inspire others to begin their own journey. We lead by example, encourage, celebrate and provide accountability. 

Can I really be successful?

YES! Anyone can become an influencer of health and fitness. You don’t need to be a nutritionist or personal trainer. You don’t need to be at your goal weight. If you are motivated and willing to learn, you can do this.

How much time & money do I need to invest to get started?

You decide your investment. There are no set hours, no quotas to meet and you can literally cancel at any time. You only purchase the products and programs for personal use so there is no inventory to carry, keeping startup costs low.

How do I earn income?

Your income is based on your effort. Earn commissions on all orders placed through the provided personalized website and earn additional bonuses when you create a team. PLUS – get a discount on all of your personal orders.

What to expect from me as your mentor.

As your mentor, I will be there to guide you as you build your own business. I will share my experience and systems for business building. You will have access to my new coach training, weekly team calls, leadership retreats, support and most of all – fun!  

About Me

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with a daily routine. My aim is to help you identify your health and fitness goals, choose an exercise program that fits your needs, guide you with meal planning, and some personal development.  My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you and your family feeling great and seeing results in no time.

I’ve also created a business that allows me to share that same passion every day with my family, friends and clients.


I started Beachbody 21DFX in February 2019 wanting to start a new lifestyle. I was excited to just roll out of bed and go into my dinning room and hit play, because going to a gym every day wasn’t an option. I completed 21DFX and once I was done I did 21DFX Extreme. I saw results fast and was hooked! Then I meet Sam my coach who taught me how to meal prep and held me accountable, which kept me motivated. Here I am into Day 64/100 of Morning Meltdown and it’s October 17! This has forever changed my lifestyle!” – Marcey Edney

Samantha has helped me with my fitness and nutrition journey by being a supportive coach, helping me with meal planning and staying on track to reach my goals.  She has kept me motivated even when I was in a funk and didn’t feel like keeping on with my weight loss journey.  Her daily insights have made me think and try new things even when I didn’t think I could.  Sometimes it’s the little things, but her daily check ins to see how I’m doing helps with making better decisions.  She has become a friend and mentor. “- Amanda Best

All I can say is if you ever felt like you couldn’t do something, this lady right here will make you believe otherwise. Her transformation will make you do a double take and I am so excited and proud of her in all her achievements.” 

Online Coaching Resources


This cookbook is full of healthy and simple recipes for your whole family that will help you save time and money.

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Consulting Services!

Let me do the thinking for you.  

My individualized sessions are more than just advice. Get ready to dig deep into your challenges, set some realistic goals and take action right away!

Choose a 30 minute discovery or 60 minute strategic session to discuss your goals realted to health & fitness or endurance sports or to learn more about building your online coaching business. 


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