My husband proclaimed that Halloween is a cheat day for everyone. I get it. All the candy is right there in your face and there’s tons of it!  I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth but hubby does and so it’s a HUGE test of his willpower. Each year my daughter and husband try to figure out how to make it through the garage of candy without losing sight of their goals. Well, this year they FINALLY did it!

A couple of years ago I decided to have no candy on Halloween and the day after they ended up eating all the leftover Halloween candy. That didn’t work.

Last year they told each other to only have a couple of pieces of candy. But once they started eating it they couldn’t stop and ended up eating a whole bunch of candy. They both ended up needing to do a 3 day cleanse to detox from the sugar. It totally worked, but they were both disappointed that they lost control.

This year, they both looked at it differently and I myself took some time to reflect in my journal. Here are my uncensored thoughts from my journal on Halloween morning:

Reflect on what I really want. Candy tastes good, but I want to get back to being under 200 lbs. I want to see my muscles. I want the best MM100 results. Can I really enjoy 1 piece? Do I need to say no completely? What will work for me? Candy will always be there when I want it. I don’t need it today. I can do this – be the example. If I decide too. So DECIDE to do the right thing for me.

Nobody said it would be easy.

IMG_4623 2

We realized that we were only eating the candy because it was Halloween and we were actually giving into societal peer pressure to eat all the candy. We each decided to think about what we needed to do for ourselves. We recognize that if we start eating the candy, we know we cannot stop. And as much as we take care of our bodies and have the right to indulge now and again, we know our limits. If we start eating that candy we will not stop. Because it is not our choice to eat the candy. We are simply following a suffusion on the calendar. So, we decided that the day we want the candy, we can go to the store and get some. We decided to eat no Halloween candy and instead treated ourselves to a my healthier chocolate mug cake instead. And guess what? We weren’t tempted to!

Yay for us!!

Lessons leaned:
1.Look inside your own heart and mind to see what is right for you and your goals. Make the choice that is right for YOU and it will be easier to stick to.

2. Enjoy your life the way you want to enjoy it, on your own terms.

And by the way…If you did eat too much Halloween candy and need to detox from the sugar, try the 3 Day Refresh to detox and get you back on track or join the Healthy Bodies Grateful Heart Group to treat yourself to health and happiness to close out the year.